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Equipment, Safety, and Exposure

Each driver is provided the following specimen-specific equipment to ensure integrity:

  • Styrofoam containers with dry ice for frozen specimens

  • Igloo coolers with cold packs for refrigerated specimens

  • Coolers for room temperature specimens

  • Containers with warm packs for body temperature

  • Shoulder bags

PacTrack Healthcare’s Spill Action Plan carefully details the policies and procedures in case of a spill or leakage. During training, drivers learn the risks of exposure, possible exposure situations, and the procedure for handling a spill. We teach our drivers that in the event of a spill, they are to follow protocol of first contacting the Risk Management Officer, then containing the spill with their stored spill kit to gather and salvage the spilled specimen to be returned to the lab. Management keeps all documentation regarding the incident as part of the Spill Action Plan. Lastly, the driver will be tested for infection immediately.