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Why Choose PacTrack Healthcare Logistics

By choosing PacTrack as your dedicated healthcare logistics provider, your service will be managed with 25+ years of experience in the industry. Included within the service, our logistics platform provides our customers with features such as online order entry and real-time tracking, barcoding, electronic signature, route optimization, and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) capability with Over/Shortage & Damaged (OS&D) reports. All orders are verified with the time, date, and GPS-coordinates of where the order was completed. Our PacTrack team is a fast, friendly, and comprehensive healthcare logistics provider.

What is Healthcare Support Logistics?

With the advent of biosimilars into market, our PacTrack Healthcare Logistics team understands the necessity and importance of cold-chain handling. Each PacTrack Healthcare Logistics employee is trained on the differences between handling blood and tissue specimens, small-molecule pharmaceuticals, and biologics, just to name a few. We ensure compliance by keeping all items at either frozen, refrigerated, warm, or Controlled Room (CRT) temperatures throughout the duration of transport. With this in mind, our on-demand and routed service is configured specifically for each client. Upon Making the Switch, each client undergoes a high-level Discovery phase allowing our Logistics Team to create routes that are both compliant and cost-effective.

20 compelling reasons why healthcare organizations across the Southern California are turning to PacTrack for their attorney service needs.

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Operations Team with 25+ Years of Courier Service Experience pac-25
Woman owned Business Entity (WBE) pac-25
Routed Same-Day & Next-Day delivery services, Med-STAT services, and On-Call services pac-25
Hospitals, Clinical laboratories, Blood banks, Pharmacies, Doctors and clinics, Nursing homes, and Healthcare industry pac-25
In addition to pathology specimens, we also transport laboratory reports, supplies, and X-ray and Medical records pac-25
Computerized Operational, Dispatch & Tracking Software with ability to exchange data with other systems pac-25
Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) capability with Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) reports pac-25
Dedicated web-based portal with access to real-time tracking of pickups and deliveries with electronic signature capture pac-25
Couriers are direct employees of our company and are trained in HIPPA compliance pac-25
At hire, our Human Resources department performs background checks on each courier pac-25
Before entering the field, our couriers earn certification in proper handling of biological and bio-hazardous specimens pac-25
Courier  will arrive in uniform, with company identification badge, and with a GPS-tracked barcode-scanning mobile computer pac-25
Couriers carry properly labeled specimen transport containers to ensure specimen integrity pac-25
Dry Ice and Dry Ice specimen containers are provided to our couriers pac-25
Courier vehicles carry appropriate spill kit in the vent of accident or container breaks or leaks pac-25
On-site warehouse capabilities that can manage and stabilize various biological specimens at required temperature state pac-25
Operational infrastructure to handle Refrigerated, Frozen, Warm Temperature, and Room Temperature specimens pac-25
Fast, friendly, and comprehensive Healthcare Logistics service pac-25